Sell/Rental of Equipments

We sell & rent all heavy equipments used in construction projects such as LDO & Bituminous Products for Hot Mix Plants, Constructions & Mining Equipments, Batching Plant, Self Loading Concrete Mixture (SLCM), Transit mixers, Concrete pump, Excavators, Soil compactors, Rollers, Pavers, Backhoe loaders, Hyva etc.


COMMERCIAL WIRES (Bulk Supplier for Projects)

We are exporter & bulk supplier of G.I. Wire-Commercial (Zinc Coated), Heavy Zinc Coated Wire, Stay Wire, Concertina Wire, Barbed Wire etc.

anti Erosion & Soil Conservation

we provides best suited solution in the field of flood & erosion control, geosynthetic, land rehabilitation, drainage improvement, paralink, geo grid, hydro-seeding etc.

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Bulk supplier of All Types of Gabions

We are exporter & bulk order supplier of all types of gabions such as Zinc Coated (GI Wire Gabion), PVC Coated Gabion, Galfan Coated Gabion, SAC Gabion, Jumbo Gabion, Green Terramesh, Rock Fall Netting, Gabion Mattress etc.


We are bulk order supplier of TATA Tiscon, SAIL, RINL TMT for Projects, Supplier of Road construction materials, Metal stone chips, Stone Dust, LDO for hot mix plants etc.


we works as contractor, designer, installer of gabion products. We provides Installation of geo bags, geo fabrics, wooven, non-wooven geo bags etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Gabion is a welded wire cage or box filled with materials such as stone, concrete, sand, or soil. So, gabion is a partially flexible block construction used for slope stability and erosion protection in construction. Various types of gabions are constructed and used in different engineering constructions.

Widely used in making fencing wires, netting, cable armouring, in orchards, vineyards, etc. Manufactured by in-line hot dip galvanizing process for a superior life and smooth finish.

Antierosion measures are all actions to reduce the vulnerability of landscapes to soilerosion processes. The key to erosion control is preventing the detachment of soil particles and reducing the volume of runoff.