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MKS Gabions & Equipments

Since 2015, we are providing services in the fields of flood & erosion control, geosynthetic, land rehabilitation, drainage improvement etc. We also works as contractor, designer, installer of gabion products at domestic as well as International (Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka). We are bulk supplier & exporter of Gabion & Wire Mesh Products.

What We Do?

We at MKS Gabions & Equipments always strive to provide their customers best suited solution in the Field of Geosynthetic Engineering widely as Geotechnical Road, Railways, Hydraulic, Mining & Geo-Environmental problems using our large range of Geo-Synthetic products and services.

We are exporter of Gabion & Wire Mesh Products to Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Sri Lanka

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Customer Support- 9076900479
Sr. Sales Engineer- 9076900484
Service Co-ordinator- 9076900481
Sr Service Engineer- 9076900482

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